Patrik Eugster

FPV Pilot – Creator – Videographer – Engineer


1. January 2024

FPV Showreel 2024

Best of 2023 of my FPV shots.

April 2024

Website now online

Been working on this site for a while now, first version is ready to be online.

Who is PAtrik Eugster?

Patrik Eugster is a seasoned explorer, daring adventurer, skilled FPV pilot, and visionary filmmaker hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland.

Embarking on journeys year-round, he ventures to unearth hidden gems, unveiling the beauty of places that remain unseen by most.

Patrik's lens captures not just scenes, but narratives of untamed terrains, weaving tales that resonate with the soul and ignite a profound connection to nature.

Driven by a profound vision, he seeks to ignite a spark within others, urging them to break free from the confines of comfort and embrace a lifestyle rooted in sustainability.

My Services

1 – Drone Specialist

FPV Drones are my thing. I have custom built drones to suit all types of creative filming. From indoor drone tours to high speed car chases & extreme sport scenes.

Being A1/A3 and A2 certified in Switzerland and the EU, having Remote ID enabled, up to date insurance and the experience of having flown many different kinds of drones ensures that all my drone flights are safe.

2 – Creative Media

Whether it's a full blown cinematic video as an ad for a travel agency, a handful of short videos for an event's social pages or even just an fpv shot for you to include in your existing project, the resulting Content will be specifically tailored to your needs and your audience.

Combining different unique forms of media into one piece is where the real fun begins. These dynamic pieces of content lead to higher levels of engagement and a rush of inspiration for your audience.

The combination of different media is where the real creativity begins.

More coming soon

The whole Website is still in progress, but I'm working on it. Check back again later for updates