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Take your Productions to a new height! Unlock the 3rd dimension.

Through first-person view (FPV) drone footage I want people to see the world in a way they never did before. I want the viewers to feel the same rush, excitement and freedom that I have while flying.

Let's bring your vision to life. Every production and every shot is it's unique challenge. Get in contact and let's discuss.

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My Services

1 – Drone Specialist

FPV Drones are my thing. I have custom built drones to suit all types of creative filming. From indoor drone tours to high speed car chases & extreme sport scenes.

Being A1/A3 and A2 certified in Switzerland and the EU, having Remote ID enabled, up to date insurance and the experience of having flown many different kinds of quad ensures that all my drone flights are safe.

2 – Creative Media

Whether it's a full blown cinematic video as an ad for a travel agency, a handful of short videos for an event's social pages or even just an fpv shot for you to include in your existing project, the resulting Content will be specifically tailored to your needs and your audience.

Combining different unique forms of media into one piece is where the real fun begins. These dynamic pieces of content lead to higher levels of engagement and a rush of inspiration for your audience.

The combination of different media is where the real creativity begins.

Cinematic FPV

There are mutliple different styles of flying in the FPV-World: Freestyle – Cinematic – Long Range – Racing – Indoors – and more to come with new Technologies. The lines Between those styles are blurry and you can try any style with any quad, though with variing success.

My personal favorite style is Cinematic FPV with a hint of Freestyle and Long Range, where my goal is to create long and immersive shots with change in perspective like never seen before. Getting both far away for establishment, and then very close and intimate with subjects is something no other drones can do like FPV drones. Every location is it's own beautiful challenge of finding that best possible shot.

"The actual Bird's-Eye View – The perfect way to showcase our beautiful Planet."

See below my latest personal Cinematic FPV Project from last Summer, where I traveled through Southern Norway in my Camper and used the little time between the rain to get some amazing shots – all shot with my trusty 5-inch Freestyle quad and a GoPro Hero 11, my go to when traveling light.

The Pilot

I am the one operating the quad and capturing the shots. Even the best quad is worthless if the pilot is not up to the task. Flying full manual in acro mode is very challenging, but it provides you with all the freedom you need to capture the best shots - shots you would not be able to get with any other piece of equipment.

I embarked on my FPV journey at the beginning of 2020 by acquiring my first remote and dedicating hundreds of hours to flying in the simulator. Following that, the struggle to build the best quad commenced: I experimented with numerous components and spent countless hours building and tuning different quads before achieving my first one that flew just as I desired.

This profound understanding of the matter, not only in building the hardware but also in perfecting the software, is now evident in my footage and workflow. As an engineer from ETH, I am well aware of the strengths and limitations of my tools. As a long-time photographer and videographer, I possess an eye for storytelling, composition, and flow in my shots. And most importantly as an artist, I am willing to challenge everything I think I know and push the boundaries of my creativity.

A1/A3 and A2 Certified – Fly Safe

The Quads

Every type of quad has it's own strengths and best use cases. Like a small 3-inch with Prop-Guards for indoor flights and close to people,  a powerful 5-inch for freestyle and crazy maneuvers, an efficent 7-inch for long range moutain diving or an overpowered X8 Cinelifter for lifting Cinema Cameras in the air.

Even though I fly all of the just mentioned quads, the 5-inch freestyle quad is the one I fly the most and carry around the world. For me it offers the perfect mix of long range mountain surfing but also the ability of beeing close and intimate with a subject. If there were one quad to rule them all, for me it would be the 5 inch freestyle.

Current Favorite Build: GepRC Mark5 DC – GepRC SPAN F722-BT-HD V2 Stack – DJI FPV Air System – iFlight Xing-E Pro 2207 2450kv – TBS Crossfire Nano SE – VIFLY Finder 2 – Beitian BN-220 – Dronetag BS – GoPro Hero 11 – PolarPro ND – 4S Tattu R-Line 1550 mAh – HQProp ETHIX S5 5040

Based in Zürich – Available Anywhere

The Armory

Being an ETH Engineer, I prefer to build all my quads myself. This allows me to pick the best components for the application without beeing bound to any one specific manufacturer. And with the Open Source flightsoftware Betaflight I have full controll over my own hardware. Even adding Remote-ID after the fact for compliance with new laws is no problem that way.

This approach of beeing able to repair my quads myself even out in the field allows me to not be afraid of crashing when sending a little too hard for that perfect shot. If it were to crash somewhere and break, I can find it again and fix it.

My home built quads are build for any scenario. With them I flew though gaps in the mountains in France, enjoyed the coast of Croatia, dove waterfalls in Switzerland, chased cars in South Africa and even withstood the arctic wind in Norway.

Need repairs or custom builds? Get in contact with me to figure it out.

Short Form Vertical Video

One currently very popular style of video content is short form vertical videos, like Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts. Besides shooting and editing such videos for clients, I decided to showcase some of my favorite personal shots. Below you can find my favorite 4 so far. On Youtube alone my short videos have collected over 15k views in the last months.

a little bit of fpv

This is one of my most personal series on my channel – a little bit of FPV. Featuring unused left overs from other Projects and many shots I got in my personal time, just because I like to fly at special places. When you strap on the Goggles and take of you are not just sitting on the ground and watching a screen, you are actually up there flying over the treetops and through gaps in buildings. From a fighter jet pilot I heard that flying FPV is the closest thing he's ever experienced to actually flying a fighter jet. The feeling and adrenalin are extremly similar, but the consequences of crashing are way lower. For me FPV is the key to unlock the 3rd dimension and another level of freedom that cannot be experienced otherwise.

This is the premis of this series: Freedom. Just flying a little bit wherever I am and bringing that feeling to the screen through a diverse range of shots and locations.

a little bit of FPV – vol. 1

Summer 2023 – Featuring some older, never before used shots.

a little bit of FPV – vol. 2 (coming soon)

I'm working on it as you read this. Subscribe to not miss it.

FPV Pilot – Creator – Videographer – Engineer

Who is PAtrik Eugster?

Patrik Eugster is a seasoned explorer, daring adventurer, skilled FPV pilot, and visionary filmmaker hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland.

Embarking on journeys year-round, he ventures to unearth hidden gems, unveiling the beauty of places that remain unseen by most.

Patrik's lens captures not just scenes, but narratives of untamed terrains, weaving tales that resonate with the soul and ignite a profound connection to nature.

Driven by a profound vision, he seeks to ignite a spark within others, urging them to break free from the confines of comfort and embrace a lifestyle rooted in sustainability.